Editions & Pricing
Editions & Pricing

Customers may choose what level of functionality is appropriate for their business with two solution
options: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise or Professional. Note, these two services are not
meant to be combined within an organization.


Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise

With Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise customers go beyond sales force automation and meet the needs
of more complex sales processes. Sales Enterprise provides customization, extensibility and embedded
intelligence, in addition to all the functionality available in Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional.


Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional

Dynamics 365 Sales Professional provides core sales force automation or SFA that is used by an
organization without a complex sales organization.
The Sales Enterprise and Sales Professional applications are not meant to be combined within an
organization and may not be deployed on the same instance; however, they may be deployed on the
same tenant (e.g. when a subsidiary sales organization has less complex sales force needs than parent
organization). Customers may mix and match Enterprise licenses (e.g. Customer Engagement Plan or
Enterprise Applications) with Sales Professional on the same tenant. A user with Sales Professional license
is licensed only for that application and therefore may not directly or indirectly access another instance
with Sales Enterprise application. Conversely, as Sales Enterprise includes Sales Professional capabilities, a
Sales Enterprise user may access the Sales Professional instance. However, the functionality in the Sales
Professional application will still be limited to the Sales Professional features.

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